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Rising Flask Pack

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Form follows function in Rising's flask pack. It can be a chest pack, fanny pack, sling pack, can be tethered to your cooler, rowing seat, or sternum strap on backpack. Versatility second to none.
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Product Description

Here's how it came to be. Three years ago we were fishing with our good friend and fellow product perfectionist Mickey Anderson. One of us wore a chest pack from a prior employer, the other a leather lanyard we used to sell and fly boxes in shorts pockets, Mickey was sporting a small fanny pack that he had completely re-sewn into the ultimate pack for his Ninja-style tactical fishing. It was a decent day, we each hooked into nice fish in obvious areas - and then sat down and drank beer while Mickey pulled fish out of not only the same holes but also every possible holding water on the stretch. His custom modified pack didn't hurt that productivity. He didn't have to deal with a whole bottle of dry shake opening in a molded foam pocket, or fumble with a fly box in wet shorts that stuck to the plastic. Following this day, we told Mickey we'd produce a small pack if he'd work with us to perfect it. What you see is the result.


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