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Rising Stellar Scissors

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4″ Scissors for all your fly tying needs.
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Product Description

We sat down with fly tyers from all over the world to figure out how to make the best fly tying scissors for your all around needs. We wanted to come up with a scissor that could handle trimming small amounts of material behind a size 20 bead head to slicing right through the toughest synthetics and deer hair. What we came up with is the Stellar Scissors 2.0!


  • One blade with micro-serrations and one blade with a sharp smooth cutting edge.
  • The tips on each pair of scissors are hand tuned at our HQ in Utah to our liking with a thinner tip for precision cuts.
  • NEW 2.0 version with a micro adjustable tension control knob on each pair that allows you to adjust tension on the blades to your liking.
  • Ergonomic handle design to allow you to keep scissors in hand while tying… more efficient!
  • Individually Quality Controlled at our HQ in Utah.
  • Unconditional Warranty!
  • Fly Tyers loved version 1.0 and you will love the Stellar Scissors 2.0 even more!


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