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Umpqua Corn-Fed Sally

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This fly is out of season and will be stocked again in early April, please check back then. 
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Product Description

The Corn Fed Sally is a high floating dry fly fit for any water type.

It utilizes the incredible flotation and fish catching abilities of CDC. Most CDC patterns are sparse and delicate, but the Corn Fed Sally lives up to its name sporting a heavy CDC wing stacked with a hydrophobic, poly yarn overwing for even more floatability. This linebacker at ballet class also uses CDC fibers for the hackle.

Throw this fly at selective spring creek browns or pocket water pushovers, it works great for both!

Also of note, CDC flies don't work well with traditional floatants.  Use Tiemco dry magic and/or Shimizaki Dry Shake (I like a combination of the two) for best results. 


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