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Umpqua Cranefly Larva

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Product Description

While floating the North Platte on the Gray's Reef section one Fall I noticed an abundance of Adult crane flies flying over the water and along the banks and thought that a crane fly larva might be a good nymph pattern. The next Spring I arrived with some crane fly larva patterns and proceeded to hook a ridiculous number of fish on the pattern. Many of the rivers we fish contain an abundance of crane flies but most hatch at night and many fly fishermen may not consider crane fly larva  an important part of a trouts diet. The reality is trout look for and eat the meaty, nutritious larva whenever they can. A crane fly larva is not only a great flowing water pattern but also a killer in still waters.  A crankily larva imitation may be the most overlooked nymph by many fly fishermen.  


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