Umpqua UPG HD Medium Fly Box

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Umpqua's most versatile box will carry a wide range of dries and nymphs with our 3-D molded high-grip FlyTrapTM storage system.

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Product Description

Umpqua's entirely evolved line of UPG fly boxes gives any angler multiple features, options and configurations through their flexible designs.

The Big Differentiator, it the new Injection-Molded Fly Sheets.

Injection molding versus traditional die-cut sheet foam gives Umpqua infinite possibilities in all three dimensions that will have you trading in all of your fly boxes. Here's why:

Extreme Gripping Properties - Thanks not only to the density and low memory of the material itself, but also to a unique slit-cutting procedure during which the slits are cut when the material is curved. The result is a tighter grip.

Unique Formats - Unlike die-cut foam, this new injection-molded material allows for 3D design resulting in formats that have never been seen before in fly storage.

Lighter than Comparable Inserts - Smart tooling design reduces material use. (TPE is lighter than silicone)

THE UPG HD (Heavy Duty)

Bomb-proof and water-proof, these Heavy Duty UPG boxes have the highest level of durability and funtionality in fly box storage. See-through lids allow maximum visibility of contents and new TPE inserts provide the strongest fly-grip storage available. Swing-leafs are magnestized to assure swing-leaf remains in proper place when opening/closing.


  • Capacity - The Highest Fly Capacity storage per inch of any other boxes on the marker.
  • Grip - Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) inserts for maximum grip and storage cpacity
  • Durability - Superior materials, design and construction result in shatter-proof durability
  • Identification - See through covers for easy identification and visibility of flies
  • Variation - Slim, single-sided, multiple swing leves, a variety of inserts for all your fly storage needs
  • Waterproof - All HD boxes have latches and seals that make them completely waterproof


  • 6.25" x 4.5" x 1.0"

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