Umpqua UPG LT Magneto Fly Box

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Keep things simple and store your go-to flies on a pedestal where they belong. 

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Product Description

Umpqua's entirely evolved line of UPG fly boxes gives any angler multiple features, options and configurations through their flexible designs.

The Big Differentiator, it the new Injection-Molded Fly Sheets.

Injection molding versus traditional die-cut sheet foam gives Umpqua infinite possibilities in all three dimensions that will have you trading in all of your fly boxes. Here's why:

Extreme Gripping Properties - Thanks not only to the density and low memory of the material itself, but also to a unique slit-cutting procedure during which the slits are cut when the material is curved. The result is a tighter grip.

Unique Formats - Unlike die-cut foam, this new injection-molded material allows for 3D design resulting in formats that have never been seen before in fly storage.

Lighter than Comparable Inserts - Smart tooling design reduces material use. (TPE is lighter than silicone)

Slim, single-sided boxes with magnetic closures make these the perfect boxes for those who like high visibility, exceptional fly grip and easy organization.


  • Capacity - The Highest Fly Capacity storage per inch of any other boxes on the marker.
  • Grip - Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) inserts for maximum grip and storage cpacity
  • Durability - Superior materials, design and construction result in shatter-proof durability
  • Identification - See through covers for easy identification and visibility of flies
  • Variation - Slim, single-sided, multiple swing leves, a variety of inserts for all your fly storage needs


  • 7.25" x 4.0" x 0.75"

Customer Reviews

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Really, really wanted to love

The magnetic plate and the injection molded sheets may be best in class for their functionality and ease of use, especially for handled tiny flies. For those reasons alone, you may be able to ignore the rest of this post. However, I found myself constantly replacing the magnetic clasps, as they seemed to fall out as often as they would stay in. I resorted to super gluing a number of them down. In one case, while on the river, I was forced to replace one in a hurry and inadvertently forced it back in upside down. Not a big deal you say? Well, for the rest of that day and life of the box in my bag, the magnets repelled each other as opposed to bridging together. I was never able to dig it back out and it’s opposite had already been glued down. The final gripe is that the clear faces of the boxes don’t hold up against scratches. At first it was cosmetic and I didn’t care, but after a couple of seasons in the bag I found myself constantly opening the wrong boxes because I couldn’t distinguish the contents inside through the haze. Different colored boxes can fix that easily enough, but you should know that before you buy several in the same color.

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