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Umpqua Wader Belt ZS2

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The Steamboat ZS2 Sling carries like a fully supported backpack leaving your line-of-sight and range-of-motion free upfront. Perfect for spey or switch fisherman.

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Product Description

Umpqua's ZeroSweep Wader Belt is the foundation for a completely customizable lumbar fishing system. Beyond a wader belt, this belt provides back support and has a die-cut molle face that allows custom placement/attachment of a wide range of critical accessories. Create your own custom waist pack with the following compatible accessories (sold separately). 


  • Reverse-adjust waist belt for maximum back support and tightening 
  • Shoulder-strap with floating shoulder pad
  • Velcro face for maximum integration/security with accessories
  • Compatible with ZS2 Molle Accessories and Packs:
    • ZS2 Foam Fly Patch
    • ZS2 Gel Floatant Holder 
    • ZS2 Shimi Shake Floatant Holder
    • ZS2 Tippet Holder
    • ZS2 Water Bottle Holder
    • ZS2 Net Holder
    • ZS2 Wader Chest Pack
    • ZS2 Waterproof Wader Chest Pack


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