Rio Salt Water Heavy Shock Tippet

Rio Salt Water Heavy Shock Tippet

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Product Overview:

Supper abrasion resistant material that is necessary when fishing for permit, tarpon, snook, redfish or other toothy and rough mouth fish. 

Shop Secret:  use the 30 lb test when fishing for pike, musky and other freshwater toothy critters.  Simply tie in 12"-18" of shock tippet to the end of your leader using an albright knot for a stealthy and abrasion resistant rig.


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Product Description

Diameter Diameter Strength Strength
0.022" 0.558mm 30lb 13.6kg
0.0245" 0.621mm 40lb 18.2kg
0.028" 0.710mm 50lb 22.7kg
0.0325" 0.824mm 60lb 27.3kg
0.0355" 0.902mm 80lb 36.4kg
0.040" 1.106mm 100lb 45.5kg


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