Scientific Anglers - Mastery GPX Taper

Scientific Anglers - Mastery GPX Taper

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Floating Specialty Taper


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The Scientific Anglers - Mastery GPX Taper is the ultimate all-purpose fly line - now with Dry Tip Technology for the ultimate floating fly line experience. The line is made a half-size heavier to better load today's fast-action graphite rods and deliver terrestrials, nymphs, and other bigger, heavier trout flies. The fly line has a welded streamlined loop - slick and strong - for easy connections and seamless fishing.


  • Half-size heavy, performs well with fast action rods
  • Front tip section has improved floatation (Dry Tip Technology)
  • Taper designed to throw a variety of fly sizes
  • Optimized for cold to temperate water
  • Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery
  • SA ID: SA MS GPX WF X F, where X denotes line weight


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