Waterworks-Lamson Ketchum Release

Waterworks-Lamson Ketchum Release

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Available in three convenient sizes to cover all the bases.  Midge Size is best suited for smaller bodied flies.  Original Size is best for freshwater flies from medium bodied streamers to small dries.  The largest size, Big Bug Size is ideal for larger freshwater streamers and saltwater patterns.


Product Description

The Waterworks was founded by fly fishermen who are committed to providing smart solutions to real problems.  The Ketchum Release was designed primarily to help reduce fish mortality.  Anglers can debate the best methods for handling a fish.  But the fact remains that the best fish handling is no fish handling.  The Ketchum Release is designed to easily back out a fly hook without the need to grab or net the fish.  It's easy to use: simply hold the leader taut with the rod, as you would when netting the fish.  With the other hand, run the Ketchum Release down the leader and over the fly.  The fact that the Ketchum Release won't damage your flies, unlike traditional hemostats, is a bonus.  Save about a dozen flies and the Ketchum Release pays for itself.  The Ketchum Release is made from a carbon fiber thermo composite.  We expect it to last a lifetime, but if your Ketchum Release falls apart before you do we'll replace it free of charge!


  • Reduces fish mortality by removing flies without handling the fish.
  • Eliminates damage to flies with a tool that doesn't tear or crush delicate fur and feathers.
  • Keeps hands and gloves dry in cold wintery weather.
  • Eliminates you getting accidentally "hooked" by the dropper fly, by keeping your hands away from your rig.
  • Eliminates the need to carry a net the majority of the time.


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