Scientific Anglers - Mastery Streamer Express - Clear Tip

Scientific Anglers - Mastery Streamer Express - Clear Tip

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Product Overview:

Specialty Taper Fly Line

  • Invisible intermediate sinking tip fly line
  • Clear slow sinking tip for wary fish
  • Long casts, big flies, minimal false casting
  • Hard intermediate-density running line with AST excels in shooting with no tangles
  • Handling section designed for mending & quick pick-ups
  • For fresh and saltwater in moving and still water
  • 30’ head for best overall casting performance
  • SA ID: SA MS SEC XXX GR, where XXX denotes grain weight

Streamer Express Clear Tip Colors

Streamer Express Clear Tip Taper

Streamer Express Clear Tip Chart


Product Description

The Mastery Series provides advanced taper designs for improved shootability and casting for all weather conditions--setting the standard for fly lines world wide. The superior PVC coatings allow for casting and temperature specific line designs. Specialty cores create both supple and stiff lines making them the ideal choice for fly fishing wherever you want to fish, from Colorado to the Caribbean.


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