Hatch Tropical Sinking Line

Hatch Tropical Sinking Line

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Product Overview:

Experience and Expertise, this is the foundation that all Hatch Fly Lines were built off of.  Simple and functional, the Hatch Professional Series Sinking Fly Lines are made to get your fly to where the fish are.  Simple, concise, functional.


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Product Description

If you get confused when trying to choose a fly line, you’re not alone. Even the most seasoned fly angler can be perplexed by the variety of tapers, coatings, specific usages and the ridiculous abuse of acronyms. Like our Premium Braided Backing, we’ve simplified the world of fly lines.

Created to go deep and fast. Manufactured by BVG-Airflo, our Tropical Sink Tip lines feature a 30’ sinking head, followed by 120’ of intermediate running line. Loaded with tungsten weight and evenly distributed for a gradual fall helps the fly angler stay in close touch with their fly even at great depths. Sink rates range from 7.5 – 10 IPS. Our 50lb braided Power Core make hooks sets lightening fast and solidly placed.


  • Premium manufacturing and materials - Manufactured by BVG Airflo with Poly-FuseXT dual
    coating, Power Core, and Total Density Compensation technology
  • Poly-Fuse XT - A proprietary dual coating process that lays down a base layer of extremely supple
    polymer at the core of the line that will not crack over time. Over the polymer goes a tough outer
    layer that is very slick and durable. Airflo uses a proprietary polyurethane blend that contains no
    liquid; take liquid out of the equation and you remove the cracking and coating breakdown that often
    occurs with fly lines after only one season.
  • Power Core – All Sink Tip lines feature a 50 lb (40lb on 400grain) low 6% stretch braided Power
    Core and custom 150’ length for sinking your flies down to the appropriate depth. Using braided
    core over Mono helps keep Hatch lines supple in a wide range of climates and water temperatures.
    Additionally, reduced stretch keeps the angler in close touch with the fly for positive hook setting
  • Total Density Compensation - Fast Sinking 30’ head, all Hatch sink tip lines feature an intermediate
    running line and ultra fast Tungsten Coated Sinking head for ultimate control during line fall. Sink
    rates are targeted to match 9 wt. and heavier rods.
  • 100% PVC Free –All Hatch Lines are 100 % PVC free insuring reliable, memory free performance
    even after baking on the bow in your favorite tropical location or fishing deep at cold temperatures.


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Size Chart

  • Line Sizes: 400 gr., 500 gr., 650 gr.
  • Total Length: 150’
  • Head Length: 30’
  • Running Line Length: 120’
  • Core: Power Core 6% stretch braid (40lb on 400 GRAIN, 50lb on 500 and 650 gr.)
  • Coating: Polyfuse XT, Tungsten Coated Head
  • Color: Gray Head/ Cyan Running Line (400Gr.) Yellow Running Line (500Gr.), Orange Running Line (650Gr.)