Abel Creek 1 Fly Reel

Abel Creek 1 Fly Reel

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Product Overview:

  • Large or Standard Arbor
  • Weight (Oz.): 3.8
  • Spool Diameter (Inches): 3.125"
  • Spool Width (Inches): 0.60"
  • Hub Diameter (Inches): 1.620" (LA)
  • Line Wt / Yards / Backing: 2W+80 20#; 3W+55 20#
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Product Description

In the large arbor format, the Creek 1 is perfect for the 2- and 3-weight rods typically used on the smallest mountain streams. However, change to a standard arbor with room for a 4-weight line, and you quickly have a reel ready for the larger body of water your small creek has now become!


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