Abel Super 12W Fly Reel

Abel Super 12W Fly Reel

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Product Overview:

  • Large Arbor
  • Double Pawl
  • Weight (Oz.): 10.7
  • Spool Diameter (Inches): 4.45"
  • Spool Width (Inches): 1.375"
  • Hub Diameter (Inches): 1.980" (LA)
  • Line Wt / Yards / Backing: 12wt / 400yds / 30#; 13wt / 350yds / 30#

Product Description

An Even Beefier Version of the Super 11/12

Silver King. Sabalo. ‘Poon. The mighty Tarpon has earned more than a few nicknames, along with a well-deserved reputation as one of the toughest fish on the planet. The 12-weight rod has developed as the weapon of choice for battling Tarpon, and the Super 11/12N is the perfect match for both the rod and the fish. Superior backing capacity combined with an extra-large arbor make the Super 11/12N ready for the blistering runs a tarpon takes, and equally ready to pick that line back up again as you chase your trophy down!


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