Cheeky Limitless Fly Reel

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The Cheeky Limitless has the Signature Look and Feel Appeal but Brings a New Standard for Performance!!! 

Price From: $325.00

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Price From: $325.00

Product Description

Available in 5 sizes from 2wt to 16wt, Limitless Fly Reels have set a new standard for performance, toughness and Cheeky’s signature “look-and-feel” appeal.

All Limitless Reels feature an innovative fully sealed drag system. Cheeky’s GDS (Gasket Drag System) is impenetrable by the elements, so you can dunk away without worrying about salt, sand or debris interfering with an impressively powerful and smooth drag.

Limitless Reels are fully machined from high-grade aerospace aluminum, and incorporate a multi-axis machining technique that redistributes metal to key stress points, making Limitless Reels stronger without adding unnecessary weight. An integrated, yet replaceable, reel foot disperses torque throughout the frame during the toughest fights, providing the advantages of a one-piece reel foot without the disadvantage of having to replace your entire reel if dropped on the foot.

Limitless Reels offer unbeatable line capacity, easy L/R conversion, an insane arbor size for maximum retrieval rate, and remain some of the lightest and strongest fly reels available.   


  • Fully sealed Gasket Drag System (Cheeky GDS)

  • Integrated, torque-dispersing reel foot

  • MAX Arbor for maximum line retrieval rate

  • Beveled machining to increase strength

  • Lightweight design

  • B2 Backing Channel for extra line capacity

  • Quick Change Spool

  • Simple L/R retrieve conversion



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