Scott G Series Fly Rod

Scott G Series Fly Rod

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A reinvention of the treasured Scott G Series, this medium action, smooth flexing fly rod conjures visions of fishing baetis to sipping trout at Deckers, tricos to pods of browns on the Bighorn, and everywhere in between. Featuring hollow internal ferrules and Scott's cutting edge fiber and resin systems, this fly rod packs the most modern technology to better connect you to your dry fly presentation.

Scott Fly Rods Made in the USA

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Product Description

Scott G Series are iconic fly rods. They’re medium action, smooth flexing fly rods treasured by anglers the world over.

Scott introduced the first G rods in 1976, and changed fly fishing by creating the first 9’ 4 weight fly rod. We also introduced the world to the hollow internal ferrule-the most sophisticated way to connect multi-piece fly rods in a smooth and seamless fashion.

In 2006, Scott introduced the G2 series and modernized medium-action fly rods by making them lighter in hand and increasing their recovery speed.

Now, they bring you the all new G Series. These rods advance medium action fly rods with two innovations. Scott has reinvented the hollow internal ferrule to make it more flexible, stronger, and more than 20% lighter. They've also combined their cutting edge fiber and resin systems in the most advanced multi-modulus layups Scott has ever created. New multi-slope tapers were designed to take full advantage of the new materials layups.

The results are rods that help solve one of the toughest challenges in medium action fly rod design-how to create a rod that both bends deeply and remains stable. New G Series rods balance lighter in hand, have much more stability through the middle of the rod for better tracking, and generate higher line speeds. They do all this while retaining the classic flex of your favorite medium action rods.

The G Series is bringing together presentation and power, so now you can pull hard on 7X tippet AND fish in the wind. The all new G Series. Like no other.


FLEX PROFILE: Medium action fly rod, great for presenting dry flies                                         RECOVERY SPEED: Quick recovering rod, creating more accuracy 

Internal Ferrule

CONNECTION: Scott's  reinvented hollow internal ferrule is now even stronger, more flexible, and over 20% lighter.

Scott G Series Fly Rod Details


Brings together X-Core with a new complex materials and taper system to dramatically increase recovery speed.


Enhanced feel, incredible stability, and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design.


Enhanced resin uses new chemistry to create stronger bonds between each fiber.


Fine-tuned flex and recovery.


Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.


Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.


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Size Chart

4 piece rods
GS 772/4 2 7' 7" a $845
GS 773/4 3 7' 7" a $845
GS 775/4 5 7' 7" b $845
GS 843/4 3 8' 4" b $845
4 piece rods
GS 844/4 4 8' 4" b $845
GS 883/4 3 8' 8" b $845
GS 884/4 4 8' 8" b $845
GS 885/4 5 8' 8" b $845
4 piece rods
GS 886/4 6 8' 8" b $845
GS 904/4 4 9' 0" b $845
GS 905/4 5 9' 0" b $845
GS 906/4 6 9' 0" b $845