Tenkara USA Line Holder

Tenkara USA Line Holder

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Stay organized with the Tenkara USA Line Holder.


Product Description

This is one accessory we absolutely feel is great to have.

These spools are great for quickly winding the line at the end of the day, or for moving from one spot to another. While our tenkara lines come with a small plastic spool, these spools are wider, and thicker, which make it much easier and quicker to wind the line around it. The notches are excellent for holding flies. The foam core helps ensure your line dries off quickly and also make it easier to secure the ends of the line. The foam core may also be used to hold a few flies in hand.
While we will not call it a "must have", this is an excellent tool to expedite winding the line, and it can be easily fit over the handle of your rod for transport.

Diameter: 2.73 inches
Width: 0.56inches
Weight: 0.62oz


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