SmithFly 1X Pouch

SmithFly 1X Pouch

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Size: 5″ Wide x 7″ Tall x 2″ Thick


Product Description

The 1X pouch is big enough to carry a serious fly box or two and all the assorted stuff you might need like tippet spools leaders, indicators etc. We recommend using it on the top chest portion of the vest. It has one attachment grommet under each flap on each side so you can attach one or two of our retractors to hold hemos, nippers or a Cadillac hood ornament if you want.  It has two pockets inside and two pockets outside under the flap.  The outside flap features slick magnetic closures, so no more fumbling with snaps, or velcro that gets old and funky. For the complete minimalists the 1x can worn by itself on a belt too, simple right?


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