SmithFly Naked Switch Bag

SmithFly Naked Switch Bag

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Product Overview:

Size: 12¬タᄈ wide x 12¬タᄈ tall x 5¬タᄈ deep.

Product Description

The SmithFly Switch Bag is designed to make SmithFly pouches easily accessible in a boat by attaching them to a bag. So now you don’t have to wrestle or wear your vest when you’re on a float trip. The Switch bag has a rubberized bottom and a zippered internal pocket for all kinds of stuff. Keeping all your terminal tackle and fly boxes organized on the outside in your pouches allows you to keep bigger bugger boxes, your lunch, cameras, phones, blow-up dolls, pie, whatever, on the inside. Even better, you no longer have to worry about moving stuff from your vest to a bag when you float a river, just strap your pouches on, and go. But like all our products you can use this thing in more than one way. It’s small enough to carry easily and comfortably all day long over your shoulder while wading. Heck it’s a good range bag too, because we all like things that go bang, as well, right?


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