Vedavoo Tightlines Sling Pack - Deluxe

Vedavoo Tightlines Sling Pack - Deluxe

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Product Overview:

The Vedavoo Tightlines Sling Pack - Deluxe screams minimalism without restriction! The removable/swappable pouch design keeps gear out of your way until you need it on the river.

Special Note: All Vedavoo bags are custom built for you, please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


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Product Description

The Tightlines Sling Pack was designed to be the one pack that can cover your needs for 90% of the fishing you do.

Worn over your non-dominant shoulder (left if you’re right handed), the pack rides comfortably in the small of your back. When you need access to your gear, you pull the sling around to the front – where it lies comfortably and level across your chest. This gives you quick and easy access to your tools, flies, and tippet, but keeps your front clean and tangle free while you fish.

Frustrated by other “circular” slings that creep around or flop forward on you, our design was built to stay put on your back. Our offset design connects to the body of the pack at a point above the center of gravity – which means that the weight is already past the point of turn, and must be PULLED around to the front.

Minimalist, but not restrictive, the pack was designed to carry two full size flyboxes from Cliff Outdoors (ideal with a Super Days Worth and a Standard Cliff Flybox) in the gear pouch.

The strap is built with two key pockets:

  1. Behind the gear pouch is a velcro closure pocket ideal for thin items you need (but don’t want in your way). Things like leader wallets, granola bars, pocket flasks, peanut butter sandwiches, etc fit nicely here.
  2. A small zipper pocket to hold your loose gear and other accessories you need to have quick access to. Stash your indicators, weight, chapstick, floatant and more here.

On top of the zipper pocket is a strip of tool loops – quickly connect your key tools here for easy access in the center of your chest when the sling is pulled to the front. We suggest using at least four S-Biners (you can get them from us) – they are a great way to clip on your tools, and keep them isolated from the pack so they don’t spin on the loops.

ON THE DELUXE MODEL: The Deluxe Gear Pouch has the same internal dimensions as the standard gear pouch, but it comes with several additional features that make it a great addition. The Pouch has a front tuck pocket, a front zippered pocket, two stretch fabric side pockets (for easy access / storage of indicators, etc.), two additional tool loops (perfect for dry fly floatant and a Cliff Strait-N-Dry), and a large ARC Loop giving you the ability to add on any of our ARC Accessories like the ARC Fly Pack.

Every pack is hand-built to order in our workshop using 1000D American woven Cordura fabrics and American made hardware, straps, and closures. Even the thread used to sew your pack is American Made. We’re looking forward to building yours!




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