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A Day on the Homewaters: A Photo Essay of the South Platte at Deckers

Ivan Orsic / Jun 13, 2017

9:00 AM: We didn't have the earliest start to the day and by the time we got to Deckers, the sun was already on the water and our hopes were high. Here, Tanner rigs up his three fly nymphing rig for his Winston BIIIx some cooperative South Platte trout.

9:20 AM: Tanner sight fished to this rainbow trout from the high bank near the car. Sitting in the shallows, this solid trout ate a caddis nymph a couple of drifts in.

9:21 AM: Don't mind the dumb smile on Tanner's face, but a couple casts into the day and happy fish everywhere, we were excited about what the day was going to bring.

9:50 AM: A half hour later, Tanner and the Rockies' own Charlie Blackmon netted a double filling Tanner's Rising Net. The fish were happy and eating caddis, leeches and blue-winged olives.

9:52 AM: What a pose!

10:30 AM: Ole Chuck Nazty working a good looking seam, right before some rain, hail and wind started to move through.

11:00 AM: As some clouds started to move through and cover the sun up, caddis seemed to be thrown off the menu...but, the old trusty RS-2 was choice.

11:05 AM: Tanner puts one in the bucket courtesy of the olive RS-2.

11:15 AM: Charlie no like the rain. In his defense, I don't care for it much either. Good gear goes a long way.

11:30 AM: Seeking shelter as the hail started to come down. If it wasn't for the hail, fishing through the rain was a legitimate option. With a little cloud cover, some South Platte brown trout started to show themselves in some of the flats and were hammering flies in and out of their normally narrow feeding lanes.

12:05 PM: A little rain never hurt anybody. During a quick 15 in the truck, we talked endless amount of trash and we decided to head back into Deckers for a burger and some beer...with no luck. We sat in the parking lot and decided to head back towards Trumbull.

1:00 PM: When we returned the river, fishing continued to be on point. The cloud cover kept the fish in the shallows and feeding. We reaped the benefits.

1:30 PM: Charlie showing off a clean 18-19" Deckers rainbow.

2:30 PM: Tanner getting in on that action. He's all about that action boss.

2:31 PM: Tanner gets ready to let his precious rainbow go.

4:00 PM: Forcing it. As mid-day turned into afternoon, fishing started to slow down a bit for us. So, we switched gears...

4:05 PM: Fully wadered up, we hopped in the truck and booked it to a front range lake with big rainbow trout and Rudy's Peach Cobbler on our minds.

5:30 PM: Some smaller brookies cooperated...but no big rainbows. Rudy's was delicious. I would have taken a picture, but no surprise, I was too busy eating.

One of the healthiest browns I've caught in Deckers. He ate a black RS-2 in a flat. It's safe to say that Deckers has been fishing really well pre-runoff.

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