Properly rigging any fly reel, whether for trout or tarpon, is a technical and highly important factor when getting ready for any fishing trip. While this can be done at home, we always recommend bringing your fly reel into us so that we can ensure that everything (backing, fly line, leader) is properly loaded onto your fly reel and ready to hit the water. With years of rigging experience, and countless trips across the globe to fish for a multitude of species, the staff at Trouts Fly Fishing is highly experienced and detail-oriented when it comes to getting your gear ready. This is an often overlooked aspect of any fly fishing excursion, but it is something we take very seriously.

So what does this service cost you? Well if you purchase your fly reel and/or fly line from Trouts, this service is free of charge for the life of the product. If you weren't fortunate enough to buy your gear from us, we charge $5 to rig any trout reel, and $10 for all big game reels (saltwater, salmon/steelhead, pike/musky, etc.). So the next time you're looking to purchase a new fly line, or just make sure your reel is ready for your next trip, be sure to bring it by Trouts Fly Fishing and let our expert staff make sure your gear is in fish-ready form.

Trouts Fly Fishing: High Speed Tarpon Rigging

Trouts Fly Fishing is heading down to Belize to fish for resident and migratory tarpon. We'll be fishing 10 wt floating and sinking lines with leaders that have two main characteristics: they are simple to tie and strong. Here is what the end-to-end process looks like when we spool up an Orvis Mirage 5 with an Airflo Ridge Clear Tip Floating Tropical WF 10 line and we connect it to a tarpon leader made from 50 lb fluorocarbon butt section, 25 lb class tippet, and a 50 lb bite tippet.

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