Knots are one of the basic fundamentals that can set you up for success on the water. From tying your fly to your tippet to connecting two pieces of tippet, there's a few knots you need to know. We know some of them can be frustrating to tie, but in this case, practice makes perfect. Here are some tutorial videos to help guide you.

Setting Up a Fly Rod & Reel

Setting your fly rod up properly is a simple but key tactic to a good day on the water.

Unfurling Leader

Unfurling leaders can be tricky and easily end up as a big mess. Take the time to learn to unfurl your leader properly so you can have more time on the water.

Using a Loop-to-Loop Connection

Some would say nail knots are becoming a thing of the past as pretty much every leader and fly line has a loop to loop connection these days. Make sure you know how to use this simple system before heading to the water.

Blood Knot

Blood knots are a great heavier leader to line or line to line knot. We recommend using these knots when fishing higher pound test or anytime you really need those knots to hold when fighting that fish of a lifetime.

Double Surgeon's Knot

The Double Surgeon's Knot is easy to tie and is used to join two lines of moderately unequal size (i.e. tippet to leader).

Clinch Knot

The Clinch Knot is a time-tested and popular knot amongst fly anglers due to its simplicity and overall strength. This knot will be used to attach flies to your leader.

Non-Slip Loop Knot

The Non-Slip Knot is a way to tie a fly onto your leader. This knot forms a non-slip loop between the physical knot and the eye of the fly giving a more natural action in your presentation.

Setting a Dry Fly Rig

Nothing really beats a day of fishing rising to dries all day. Setting up your dry fly rig properly is a key to success on these days. Make sure you have it dialed, you never know when those days might be.

Setting Up Dry-Dropper Rig

The effective and classic dry dropper rig is something everyone needs to know how to set up properly.

Setting Up A Nymph Rig

Here in Colorado, most of us anglers know nymphing too well. It is key to know how to set up a nymph rig properly as this is one of, if not the most productive way to fish out here in the west.

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