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Back To Basics: Loop To Loop Connection

Ivan Orsic / Sep 12, 2015

The loop-to-loop connection is an extremely easy way to connect your leader to your fly line, yet I still see people do it incorrectly. Learning this connection is something we cover in every Orvis 101 we teach here at the shop and I am yet to see a beginning angler who knew how to do this sans my instruction. So here it is! 4 easy steps to ensure your leader is connected properly to your fly line.

1. Take the pre-tied loop in your tapered leader and place it over the pre-welded loop in your fly line. (side note: if you fly line doesn't have a welded loop, bring it to us and we'll put one on for you)

2. A few inches down the butt section of your leader (the thick part near the loop), double it over and pass back through the pre-welded loop in your fly line.

3. Pull the entire leader through the pre-tied loop. Remember, your leader will be somewhere between 7.5-9 feet long so this will take several pulls.

4. Once the entire leader is through the pre-welded loop, pull the fly line and the leader in opposite directions to secure. You may occasionally have to help the knot on the leader through the loop if it catches.

The result should be a perfectly clean connection that will go through the tip top guide very easily....unlike what I'm about to show you below. The below example is what I see countless anglers doing on the river, in the shop etc.

1. Put the leader THROUGH the fly line.

2. Pull the leader back through it's own loop.

3. Create an ugly connection. This is not correct!

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