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Best Fly Fishing Gifts $50 and Under

Ivan Orsic / Nov 2, 2021

Are you looking to get a gift for the fly fishing angler in your life this holiday season? Look no further than the Trouts Fly Fishing Holiday Gift Guide for 2021. This gift guide is a list of the top fly fishing items to give this holiday season broken down by price point with descriptions of each item! If you have any questions on inventory or if your items will make it by Christmas, shoot us an email or live chat, and we will get you squared away! Without further ado, let's dive into the Trouts Fly Fishing Holiday Gift Guide for 2021.

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Best Fly Fishing Gifts $50 and Under:

Tandem Fly Co Dropper Rig Box:

Here at Trouts Fly Fishing, we believe time on the water is valuable, and when we are on the water, we much rather are fishing than tie up various rigs. Stop wasting time tying up your dry dropper rigs...The Dropper Rig Box by Tandem Fly Company makes organizing your flies and rigs easy. This is a unique box and is a perfect gift for the angler who desires to have their fly gear ready at a moment's notice and who enjoys fishing more than they do tying up rigs. With the Tandem Fly Company Dropper Rig Box, you can store up to 8 tandem rigs and 276 flies. Tandem Fly Co also offers additional interchangeable leaf clips if you desire more storage for your dropper rigs. The fly box itself is made from an extremely strong polycarbonate shell that can withstand whatever the day throws at you. The Tandem Fly Co Dropper Rig Box is an innovative solution that technical anglers love and is a must-have if you desire efficient rig storage on and off the water. This cool little box is one of our favorites here at Trouts Fly Fishing and makes a fantastic stocking stuffer. Make sure the one you love has their fly gear organized with this, straightforward solution to premade dropper rigs.

Pat Dorsey's Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River - New Edition:

The South Platte River is one of the most famous stretches of tailwater in the western U.S., located in Colorado. This world-class trout fishery is only an hour-ish drive from a major metropolitan area and home to some of the heftiest fish in Colorado. If you are dying to catch more trout on the picky tailwaters of the South Platte River, then Pat Dorsey's Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River is the perfect book to gift this holiday season! This book is written by one of the most accomplished and popular fly fishing guides in the western United States, Pat Dorsey. Pat Dorsey gives insight into how to fish the South Platte River and provides insights into each season's challenges along this world-famous tailwater. If you or someone you know is looking to increase their knowledge of this trout-filled paradise, then the updated Fly Fishing Guide to The South Platte River is your best option! The updated version of this book comes equipped with new maps, new photos, and updated detailed information on this world-class trout fishery.

Pat Dorsey is amongst the Mount Rushmore of fly fishing guides here in Colorado, and an opportunity to learn from a master such as himself is worth taking. This is a great book for those looking to better understand how to fish the South Platte River or simply for basic information like access points or good ideas for fly selection and rigging. For many, these books are like collector's items, and it is a beautiful way to see how a fishery like the South Platte changes over time. This is more than just a simple "How-To" book; it is a careful study written by someone who might as well have a Ph.D. on the subject. Give the gift of learning this season with the Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River written by the legend himself, Pat Dorsey.

A Fly Fisher’s Guide To Colorado’s Lost Lakes and Secret Places:

If you have ever wanted to fish in the most beautiful lakes Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer or explore secret sections of remote canyons in Grand junction, Mike Kephart's Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado's Lost Lakes and Secret Places is for you, or the angler you love this holiday season. Trout caught in the alpine are some of the most rewarding experiences an angler can have. Those secret places that only you know about make going back time and time again so special. However, getting direction on where to begin can be difficult. That is why a Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado's Lost Lakes and Secret Places is an incredible resource for those looking to get off the beaten path and explore those areas of Colorado less traveled. If you are the type of angler interested in exploring the hidden gems of Colorado, lakes people forgot about years ago, creeks off the beaten path? Give this book a read and get a good understanding of the Colorado high country.

Colorado's high elevation mountain lakes offer spectacular vistas and tremendous fishing opportunities. Until now, information was spotty, and voyages into the backcountry weren't always productive. Veteran angler Mike Kephart gives you the report on which Colorado mountain and wilderness lakes and creeks fish well, how to get there, the difficulty of access, and what you can expect to catch. Mike does a great job at answering a ton of reader questions so you can be prepared the next time you want to explore Colorado's mountain lakes. These largely untapped fisheries can be off the table to anglers who can't invest the time and effort required to access them only to find poor fishing. The author has paid his dues and yours to open up some of these beautiful fisheries.

Staff Picked Flies (12 Count):

At Trouts, we live and breathe the Colorado trout streams. With one of the largest fly selections in the west and guides on the water 365 days a year from the Front Range to the Roaring Fork Valley, we can pick you the best flies, day to day, to fill your box. With guide reports coming in daily, we are always on top of what is producing the highest numbers and best fish. Forget the struggle of wondering what's working and get right to the flies the trout cannot resist. Our staff at Trouts has spent thousands of hours on our Colorado trout streams. It's safe to say we know what's working and what's not at any time of the year. Let us dial in your bug selection for you with our staff-picked flies.

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