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Dream Stream Flows Peak Overnight

Ivan Orsic / Jul 27, 2017

The Dream Stream saw a significant push of water last night. It is unclear whether this bump was associated with the thunderstorms that moved through the Front Range last night or if water was released from Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Going into the evening of 7/26/2017, the Dream Stream was flowing at approximately 340 cfs. This healthy summer flows treated one of our guides, Austin Manthey, to some solid terrestrial action prior to the storm. Late last night, after the storm moved through, the Dream peaked at around 800 cfs.

Those peak flows moved a lot of sediment, logs, stumps, and other vegetation. We are receiving reports from guides and customers that while flows have dropped to about 400 cfs at the time of this blog, this iconic stretch of the South Platte is still experiencing off-color flows. Barring another rise in flow, the Dream should start to clear and become fishable in the next day or two. When it does, a great deal of new habitat, holding water, and holes will be revealed. Finding those new feeding spots will be an exciting challenge on one of our Front Range favorites as the Dream clears up.

Tricos swarms before the storm.

Terrestrials on the Dream. Expect fishing to improve quickly post peak flows.

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