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Meet the Trouts Crew || Tucker Bamford

Ivan Orsic / Sep 17, 2020

With the move to the new and bigger shop, there are a lot of masked faces around the shop these days and we wanted to familiarize you with the team. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be "introducing" you to some of the more familiar faces around the shop. Today, we're talking with the one and only - Tucker Bamford.

A Denver native, Tucker Bamford, has been part of the Trouts team for a couple of years as a guide, sales associate and educator. While he's been around the block for a bit, we wanted to officially introduce him on the blog. With all that in mind, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know Tucker. Without further adieu, let's see what makes Mr. Bamford tick on the water.

Trouts: Let's start this from the top- how did you get your start fly-fishing and what keeps you heading back to the river every chance you get?

TB: I started fly fishing when my dad bought me my first fly rod for my 11th birthday. A friend had taken him along on a fly fishing trip and he thought it matched up perfectly to my detail-oriented personality. I still love fly fishing to this day for the amazing places it takes me. Each day is a new puzzle and there’s a great sense of satisfaction when all the pieces come together. And I have never tire of seeing a trout eat a dry fly!

Trouts: Describe your perfect day on the water?

TB: My perfect day on the water usually involves a hike to get to an off-the-beaten-path lake or stream catching high mountain cutthroats. I also love the challenge of catching fish on dry flies during a good trico hatch.

Trouts: If you could only fish one fly in Colorado for the next 365 days, what would it be and why?

TB: If I could only fish one fly all year I’m Colorado it would be a Parachute Adams because it can simulate almost any hatch and can be used as a dry or a nymph. I carry them in my box all the way from size 10 to 26.

Trouts: Favorite place you've ever fished?

TB: The coolest place I’ve ever fished is a small lake I won’t name in the Colorado backcountry that’s so hard to get to that I’ve never seen anyone else there. It has a great population of naturally reproducing lake trout.

Trouts: Favorite river in Colorado?

TB: My favorite river in Colorado is definitely the South Platte. It can be fickle, but the good days there are amazing! The trico hatch is second to none.

Trouts: Destination to dream about?

TB: I daydream about a lot of saltwater destinations, but my dream trip would be fishing for giant trevally on Christmas Island.

Trouts: What is the best piece of fishing advice you've ever been given?

TB: The best fishing advice I’ve ever been given is that if what you’re doing isn’t working, change it!

Trouts: When not fishing, what are we most likely to find you doing?

TB: When I’m not fishing, you can usually find me pouring over maps in anticipation of my next fishing trip, or geeking out on dorky sci-fi movies.

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