Trouts Journal

Shut Him Down!

Ivan Orsic / Feb 27, 2014

Photo Courtesy of Chris S.

There is nothing we like better then getting a fly fishing report from a customer after we have set them up with gear for an international fly fishing adventure. We just received this report from Chris S. who we first met back in January.

“I just returned today from Christmas Island ... it was incredible,” said Chris. “Giant trevally, big bones, all kinds of other species ... including a Barracuda!”

Chris was fishing Scott Fly Rods and Hatch Reels. This proved to be a deadly combination and obviously got the job done with this massive giant trevally.

“A Scott 12wt rod and the Hatch 11 Plus reel… this combo just shut him down.“

Well put Chris – and congratulations on catching an amazing fish. We're also happy to hear that your gear performed at the highest level when you needed it to.

If you have any big trip plans or fly fishing aspirations on your horizon, stop into the shop and we’ll get your equipment dialed in – or we can help out with general fly line, rigging, leader, tippet and fly recommendations. Give us a call at 303.733.1434 – we’re here to help.

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