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Simms Vapor Boot

Ivan Orsic / Jun 13, 2014

Photo: Simms Vapor Boots on the banks of the Arkansas River

After acquiring a pair of Simms G3 Guide waders earlier this year from Trouts Fly Fishing, I decided it was probably time to purchase a pair of boots. After looking at all of the options Simms currently has on the market, I landed on the Simms Vapor boot and haven’t looked back.

My Simms Vapor boots have taken me to some amazing places this year and after breaking them in, I thought I would share some of my experiences thus far. After purchasing the boots, I took a trip down to the Arkansas River and fished in between Salida and Canon City. While wet wading across the Arkansas, I felt secure as the Vibram soles gripped the river bottom in between the different pockets of water. As I was approached the water’s edge to move upstream along the bank, I found the new VaporTread sole molding around the rock surfaces below my feet spreading my weight evenly. After exiting the river, I found myself hopping from boulder to boulder knowing that the Simms Vapor boot would keep my foot firmly planted.

About a month ago, I decided to take a quick trip up to Cheeseman canyon and wanted to explore the upper section of the canyon. We packed all of our fishing gear into a backpack and hiked into the canyon wearing Chacos, which i don’t recommend! After gearing up and fishing for a couple of hours, I decided to leave my waders and boots on for the hike out. My Simms Vapor boots provided tons of ankle support and were extremely light as we hiked out of the canyon. The lightweight design helped reduce fatigue and the VaporTread sole seemed to absorb the small pebble surface with ease.

Photo: Bear Creek outside of Denver, Colorado

Lastly, I took a quick jaunt up to Bear Creek recently and tried my luck in between Morrison and Evergreen. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be fishing for long, I decided to leave my waders at home and threw a thick pair of socks into my fishing bag. After sliding my boots on at the car, I tightened up my laces and realized I still had a little extra room even with the thicker sock on. I grabbed my rod and walked down the trail to the first fishing spot on the creek and slowly entered the water. After walking up and down the trail for a little while, I noticed that the boots seemed to take on and hold quite a bit of water. I found myself unlacing and draining the boots every 30 minutes or so in an attempt to reduce the continuous squishing with each step. Right after my trip, I went ahead and picked up a pair of Simms Guard Socks which I am hoping will reduce the extra space in the boot where water seems to hold. After a couple more wet wading trips, I’ll make sure to update everyone on wet wading uses.

Trouts Fly Fishing currently has the Simms Vapor boot in stock and I’d encourage you to stop by and check it out. If you can’t stop by the store, give us a call and we’ll work with you to select the appropriate size and have them shipped for FREE!

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