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GEAR GUIDE || Six Picks for High Water

Ivan Orsic / Jun 7, 2020

June and high water go together like peanut butter and jelly. At Trouts, we fully embrace this time of year. Not only is it necessary to maintain a healthy fishery, but when flows stabilize or drop on our favorite freestones, fishing can be pretty bonkers. This is especially the case if you're on the hunt for bigger fish. Big water. Big Flies. Big Fish.

With that in mind, we've put together a collection of gear that will help you get on-the-water ready for the big water of June.

Sage Foundation Outfit - 9-foot 6 weight

If you're looking to add a quality rod and reel combo to your quiver or you're just starting out and you want to invest in your angling future, the Sage Foundation is an outstanding option. In our opinion, it's best fly rod & reel outfit on the market. The Sage Foundation, which is made on Bainbridge Island in Washington, is equipped with a high-performance blank (Graphite IIIe). It's fast action is well provisioned to handle the big bugs and big flows on runoff. But, it'll be useful when the flows drop in July as well. Combine the Foundation with the Sage Spectrum C fly reel and the iconic RIO Gold Fly Line and it's hard to beat the value of this combo.

Simms G4 Pro Wading Boot Vibram

High water, strong currents, unsure footing. These are all things you'll encounter on the water in the month of June. The SIMMS G4 Pro Wading Boots are built to handle the harshest conditions and high water certainly qualifies. With Vibram soles, the rugged-and-ready boots are lightweight and responsive to negotiate varied river beds and the trails.

Umpqua LT Payload Boat Box

Big water means big bugs. You need a lot of space to fit all of those big bugs. This high capacity box will easily hold the largest streamers down to any standard dries and nymphs with a "high" side and a "standard" side to offer appropriate headroom for any fly fishing adventure.

SIMMS Simple Dry Creek Pack - 25L

Keeping it SIMPLE. It's the name of the game when high water hits. From the bugs you choose to the water you fish, it's not rocket science. You also have a greater chance of getting wet. Enter the SIMMS Simple Dry Creek Pack. This 25 Liter Pack brings gear storage and fully submersible protection to all points near, far and farther. It's a roll-top backpack, so it's SIMPLE.

RIO Grand Fly Line

You're going to be fishing big flies during high water. You'll need a little extra oomph to roll over those big flies. That's why we love the RIO Grand. It's designed for the modern, fast-action fly rod. It's a full line size heavier than the industry standard and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load faster action fly rods and big flies.

SIMMS Solarflex Plus Hoody

As summer approaches and the temperatures in the mountains start to climb, it's getting to be one of our favorite times of the year. Sun Hoody Season. We're big fans of sun hoodies around these parts. They're breathable, super comfortable, and provide UPF 50 sun protection. What's not to love. SIMMS took all the things we love about Sun Hoodies and pressed the "ENHANCE" button. Instead of unpixelating some blurry photo in your favorite TV crime drama, SIMMS added a snap hood adjustment, a side-hip zippered pocket, and chamois inside the bottom hem for clearing up your sunglasses.

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