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The Things They Carried: Grey Reef

Ivan Orsic / Dec 11, 2014

1. Sage One Fly Rod - 590-4

I've fished the Sage One just about everywhere over the last year. From North Carolina to Wyoming my 4 and 5wt Sage One Fly Rods are almost guaranteed to be in my bag when I'm traveling. I accidently forgot my rod at the cabin one day and had to fish with another product, needless to say I won't be leaving this rod behind again.

2. Sage 4250 Fly Reel

Over the last year, I've relied heavily on the Sage 4230 and 4250 fly reels and have put them to work. On the Grey Reef, my drag reel was turned to 4 or 5 for most of the trip and has yet to let me down. If you are looking for a fly reel that you can trust, check out Sage's 4200 series. Tip: Don't forget to turn your drag down once you finish

3. InTouch Rio Gold Fly Line

New for 2014, the InTouch Rio Gold Fly Line must be fished with to completely understand the power of ConnectCore. I've used this fly line on the South Platte, the Arkanasas and now North Platte rivers and I am hooked. I feel confident with each and every set that I send down this amazing fly line!

4. Simms GT Tricomp Shirt

I don't think there is much to say about this shirt, other than I LOVE IT! The Simms GT Tricomp has become my go-to fishing shirt and now comes in an awesome Carolina blue color!

5. Kast Steelhead Gloves

When Trouts Fly Fishing recently decided to carry Kast products, I knew I had to try out the Kast Steelhead gloves. After using them on the Grey Reef, I love how they are completely waterproof and comfortable while rowing. I rotated between the Steelhead Glove as well as the Kast Raptor Trigger gloves- which are equally as awesome as well. The Raptor gloves make knot tying a breez by leaving my thumb and pointer fingers free.

6. Rising Bob's Tactical Scissors

I was given a pair of Bob's Tactical Scissors last December. After leaving them on multiple banks in multiple states, I've always been able to find them easily the next day with the bright red handle.

7. Tie-Fast Nipper

I haven't purchased an Abel nipper yet, but in the meantime this tie-fast nipper has gotten the job done. Over the last 12 months, I've logged 30 days on the river and they still super sharp- clipping tippet material and leaders with ease.

8. Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Tippet

I typically purchase Rio Leaders and Tippet, but Orvis is currently going through a packaging change and we are getting ready to proudly display the new Orvis branding. Since money was a little tight before the trip, I grabbed a 2X Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Leader and an Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Tippet spool. From a durability, fishability and knot tying aspect, Orvis Mirage performed effortlessly.

Travel Tips:

  • Pack light but be prepared. It important to be nimble and quick when float fishing, throw a couple of flies into a small container and keep a spool of tippet handy in wader or jacket pockets.
  • Turn down the drag on your fly reel after you've finished fly fishing for the day. This will help increase the life of your fly reel.
  • If ice is accumulating on your fly rod, you need to dry it out once you get home. Pull all pieces of your fly rod out of the tube sleeve and let them dry for 24 hours before storing them.

My trip to the Grey Reef was a fish filled one to say the least! Look for a full write up and photo journal very soon!

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