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Learn to fly fish with Trouts - Customer Testimonials!

Ivan Orsic / Mar 11, 2018

When you're just getting into the sport of fly fishing, there are times when the amount of information can seem overwhelming and a fly shop can seem intimidating. At Trouts, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive schedule of educational opportunities and classes.

Our Education & Outfitting Manager Dave spent countless (and we do mean countless years) on the water teaching clients of all experience levels. Since he's retired from the guiding game, he takes great pride in the Trouts Educational Curriculum. It is a curriculum that balances beginner classes with a wide range of preparatory, intermediate and expert offerings.

We keep our Event Calendar up-to-date with future educational offerings. Don't be afraid to shoot us an email ( or give us a shout at the shop (303-733-1434), we're happy to help find the right class for you. Two (well, technically three) recent "graduates" of the Trouts Introduction to Fly Fishing Education Program offered their feedback on the program. Here's what they had to say.

Josh & Jenn

Jenn and Josh show off a proper South Platte River brown trout.

How did participating in the Trouts Education Curriculum help break down some of the barriers of fly fishing for you?

The Orvis 101, Bugs for Beginners, and the guest speakers gave my wife and I the confidence to fish on our own. When we first started out, neither of us knew how to cast properly or the basic fly fishing terminology. The Trouts staff has always been extremely helpful and the Orvis 301 On-The-Water Fishing Lesson helped us hone our skills.

What was your takeaway?

First and foremost, our takeaway has been "Keep it simple" and "Color, Size & Shape." When we first started fly fishing, we didn't know the techniques, where to fish or what flies to use. After several classes with Trouts, we now have the confidence to travel to new rivers/ lakes/ponds and venture out on our own. More often than not we catch a few fish. Fly fishing has taken us to some beautiful spots we wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

Would you recommend Trouts to a friend? Why or why not?

Yes absolutely. The staff is genuinely interested in your development and learning while making sure you're successful and having fun fishing.


Keith watches over Dave's shoulder holding his prized Scott Radian and Evolution R Fly Reel at our Casting & Cocktails event at the Fishpond HQ last year.

How did participating in the Trouts Education Curriculum help break down some of the barriers of fly fishing for you?

Your staff was very welcoming from the start. I walked in one day, cold turkey, I told them (Tucker Bamford specifically) that I was a brand newbie and they started me out with a couple of books and a schedule of classes I might like to take to get into it all. So far, I've taken the Orvis 101 class, the Bugs for Beginners class, the Umpqua Fly Tying 101 class, the Orvis 301 (on the water with Tucker Bamford) and a short casting clinic at little Cheesman park.

What was your takeaway?

They’ve ALL been exceedingly helpful classes with hands-on learning about the various parts of the fly fishing gig. The Orvis 301 day with Tucker Bamford helped me put it all together as much as possible in a short somewhat fast-paced day. As I wrote to him and Tucker Ladd after the Orvis 301 day, Tucker Bamford's patience with a newbie was wonderfully refreshing. As you all do, he underscored that the spice component of Trouts' is your signature. As we’ve discussed, I base that on experience with many businesses over many many years as well as my experience with a number of fly shops in Denver and Boulder in the last 5 months.

Would you recommend Trouts to a friend? Why or why not?

I would definitely recommend Trouts to anyone interested in learning or to a seasoned fly fisher. As we’ve discussed your shop is a delight to be in. The merchandising, the sunlight, the converted Victorian motif, the labs, the friendly knowledgeable staff all make visiting your shop a very unintimidating and delightful experience. Tucker Ladd’s unhesitant willingness to set up the factory tours when I pick up my new rod and reel and Rick’s work to make that happen. Rick also set me up with a guide for a couple of days of fishing and instruction while I was in Telluride. These examples truly underline Trouts commitment to service. In too many places, “service” is a platitude…a marking cliche. At Trouts, it has been my experience that that’s who and what you guys are, without it feeling like it’s a charade just to collect my dollars. Keep it up!

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