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Trouts Frisco Forecast | September 2022 Edition

Zeke Hersh / Sep 16, 2022

Welcome to the Trouts Monthly Frisco/Mountain Forecast!

As much as I love the summer, I love the fall almost as much. The fall brings cooler temperatures, fewer people fishing, and some beautiful scenery here in Colorado. With lower sections of the Colorado River and others getting quite warm this summer, these cooler temperatures are much appreciated. The fishing has picked up with fall hatches sparked by the drop in temperature. The next month and a half can have some excellent fishing and weather. But also look for the first few cold fronts to start moving through the state and if you hit these right, the dry fly fishing can be quite amazing with blue-winged olive hatches.

Here are some sections I will be looking to fish in the weeks to come.


The Arkansas River Salida to Buena Vista::

The fall is a great time to fish in this area. The river is less crowded and the rafting traffic has started to subside. The fish are starting to think about finding winter lies so look for more fish to be stacking up in holding water. If you see a cold front moving through Colorado, this is the time to get here with the potential for blue-winged olive hatches.

The Upper Colorado above Kremmling:

This is a favorite section to fish in the fall! As the water cools and the first cold fronts move through Colorado, this section seems to come alive. Look for the potential of good blue-winged olive hatches as these cold fronts hit this area of Colorado. I’ve had some amazing fall dry fly fishing on these stretches and I hope you do too.

The Colorado below Kremmling:

Fall is also a favorite time of year to float the Colorado. The crowds are dwindling and the fishing starts to get good with the water temps dropping. Right now the Colorado has some silt causing some off-color conditions, but I have still been having some very successful float trips. Also, look for great dry fly fishing on cold and nasty days as cold fronts move through Colorado.

The South Platte above Eleven Mile Reservoir:

This section also known as the Dream Stream can fish great in the fall. I have vivid memories of large rainbows sipping my blue-winged olive off the surface and immediately almost jumping out of the water onto the bank. If you can hit it right, the dry fly fishing on these days can be quite spectacular with the large fish this section offers.

The Roaring Fork from Aspen to Glenwood Springs:

This river fishes so well in the fall and has become a favorite for wade or float fishing this time of year. As with the previously mentioned rivers, the cold fronts will spark the blue-winged olive hatches and the dry fly fishing can be lights out. This river just fishes dam well in the fall, with the cooling temperatures, fewer people, and the ample amount of insects the fish will be looking to fatten up on for the winter.

Zeke's Fly Recommendations

Umpqua Parachute Adams

This is a favorite low-profile attractor pattern. I like to fish it in its larger sizes for hopper dropper fishing for wary fish in the late summer and early fall. I also love to fish the smaller sizes of this pattern as the smaller dry in a double dry technique and fish this tight to the grass.

Umpqua Parachute Baetis

The Amy’s Ant is also a great low-profile pattern for this time of the year. Besides being a great option for hopper dropper and double dry setups, I love to fish this as a single dry when the opportunity presents itself.

Umpqua Glymin's KGB

This is also a favorite pattern when the fish are being selective and the rivers are running low and clear. This pattern offers something different with the color of its flashback coming in copper. Sometimes tying something on that trout might not see much can make all the difference.

Umpqua Radiation Baetis

This fly is also a favorite nymph for the month to come. This fly also has some flash and a tungsten bead, but also a hot spot collar and is tied on a favorite hook for solid hookups. This fly is great in all the colors and sizes but my box is mostly stocked with the peacock variation in all of its sizes.

Umpqua Baby Swim Coach

This is definitely a favorite streamer of mine and if you were to browse through my fly box, you would see it in all of the colors. With the number one color being black and purple and brown and yellow a close second. Not only does this fly swim well and fool fish but it’s an extremely easy casting fly for being a double articulated pattern.


As we move into fall we are finally starting to see some normal seasonal weather trends. Look for cold fronts to move through Colorado every couple of weeks and the average temperatures as we move out of those to slowly start falling. Get out on cold and rainy days and look for blue-winged olive hatches for some great dry fly fishing. Really any day out in the Colorado fall should be hard to beat.

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