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Trouts Frisco Forecast | September 2023 Edition

Zeke Hersh / Sep 27, 2023

Welcome to the Trouts Monthly Frisco/Mountain Forecast!

Fall has arrived, and as the weeks progress, many changes are underway. The leaves are transitioning to their vibrant autumn colors, and overnight temperatures are gradually dropping.We've even witnessed a substantial amount of snow on the mountain peaks. These changes also signal adjustments in fishing conditions, with fish and bug activity evolving.

Anticipate fish moving into deeper holding areas as they adapt to lower water flows and cooler temperatures.Hatches will slow down, with primary hatches shifting towards blue-winged olives and midges aswe move deeper into the fall season.

Here are some prime fishing sections to explore in the upcoming weeks:


The Colorado River from Glenwood Springs to Rifle:

This stretch is ideal for fall fishing, offering a few extra weeks of warmer conditions due to its lower altitude. Expect extended
hatches and excellent fishing opportunities in the weeks ahead.

The Colorado River from Kremmling to Dotsero:

This area is a favorite for float fishing in the coming weeks. Its lower elevation keeps temperatures milder, and with incoming weather
patterns, be on the lookout for blue-winged olive hatches, promising great fishing experiences.

The Eagle River from Wolcott to Gypsum:

As fall temperatures cool down, the Eagle River's fishing prospects improve. Fish will move to deeper waters, concentrating in river holes. Nymphing will
become the preferred technique but watch for blue-winged olive hatches on overcast days.

The Arkansas River from Granite to Salida:

Fall offers excellent fishing conditions on the Arkansas River, extending warmer fishing opportunities and continuing into the winter months.
Fish will gather in deeper waters, and cloudy days with significant blue-winged olive hatches will
bring the river to life with rising trout.

The South Platte River above Eleven Mile Reservoir:

The Dream Stream is an excellent destination in the weeks ahead. With brown trout on the move, fishing will heat up. Look for
rising trout on the Dream Stream, and on cloudy days, anticipate excellent blue-winged olive
hatches, enticing large trout to rise for the adults.


Parachute Hopper

As fall progresses, the remaining weeks of hopper fishing are here. Opt for smaller sizes in the fall, as they mimic the season's natural insects. This fly looks realistic and
comes in ideal sizes for the upcoming weeks.

Parachute Adams

Blue-winged olives are becoming the predominant hatch, and this pattern consistently fools fish. The high-visibility or white parachute wing aids visibility in low-light
conditions, common during this hatch. Keep this pattern in various sizes, ranging from 12 to 24.

Tungsten CDC Pheasant Tail

While dry dropper fishing remains viable for the next few weeks, low and clear flows may require flies that appeal to picky trout. This fly excels in such conditions, sinking quickly with its slender body, tungsten bead, and sparse tie, offering just enough flash with its CDC and flashback.

Shotglass Baetis

With blue-winged olives on the menu, the Shotglass Baetis will become a consistent choice in the coming weeks. Its glass bead and flashback add flash and color to grab
the fish's attention, while the epoxy wing casing ensures durability.

Lil' Kim

This single-hook streamer pattern is a favorite. Its design makes it easy to cast all day, and despite lacking articulation, it moves effectively in the water and features just the right
amount of flash for successful streamer fishing.


The Williams Fork River below Williams Fork Reservoir-197 CFS

The Colorado River at Parshall- 330 CFS

The Colorado River at Kremmling- 1360 CFS

The Colorado River at Catamount Bridge- 1320 CFS

The Colorado River at Dotsero- 1630 CFS

The Colorado River at Glenwood Springs- 2370 CFS

The Eagle River below Milk Creek at Wolcott- 129 CFS

The Eagle River below Gypsum- 203 CFS

The Arkansas River at Granite- 102 CFS

Lake Creek below Twin Lakes Reservoir- 18.8 CFS

The Arkansas River at Nathrop- 360 CFS

The Arkansas River at Salida- 291 CFS

The South Platte above Eleven Mile Reservoir- 146 CFS

The South Platte above Spinney Reservoir- 44.1 CFS


As we embrace fall in Colorado, anticipate a gradual decline in daytime temperatures. Weekly cold fronts will further lower temperatures, coinciding with blue-winged olive hatches. This trend will persist into October, with increasing chances of snowstorms as September comes to a

Don't forget to visit our Denver or Frisco locations to discover the best-performing flies for your next fishing adventure!

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