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Trouts Hosted Trip: Bighorn River- the follow up.

Ivan Orsic / May 11, 2015

Well it's a wrap. Last month I took 6 of our lucky customers up to the Bighorn for 4 days of fishing. As mentioned in previous posts, the flows were ideal and the fishing was reported to be outstanding. All of which I can now say proved to be very, very......very true. There wasn't much of a streamer bite to be found given the gin clear water, but the nymphing and more importantly, dry fly fishing, more than made up for it. As could be expected for April in Montana, the weather seemed to change by the hour most days. From clouds and wind, to sun and cloud free skies, we expereienced it all but made the most of it. As I sit here reflecting back on some of the best fishing I've experienced in my life (and I think everyone on the trip would agree with that statement ), the mental images ingrained in my head of more fish rising than you could possibly count, the sandhill cranes soaring overhead, the pheasants cackling in the background, and possibly the biggest decision of the day -when to crack the first cold one- all makes me long for next Spring to get here so we can go do it again.

Thanks to the Bighorn Angler for setting us up and treating us like family. The food was great and the accommodations perfect. If you're headed to the Bighorn in the near future, look these guys up. They offer the best all inclusive packages in the area, hands down. Lastly, thanks to David Rickard, Todd Whitfield, Kaili Purviance, James Ryan, Grant Boies and Lee Molvie for helping make the trip everything I could have hoped it would be and more. I think the following pictures sum the whole trip up quite nicely.

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