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Trouts Kicks Plastic

Ivan Orsic / Mar 2, 2017

Plastic waste is becoming an increasingly large issue worldwide and has profound effects on the waters we love to fish. For years, your purchase of flies has been placed in a plastic container that was doomed for the dump or riverside. Last year, we, here at Trouts, gave out at least 13,000 plastic fly cups. In an effort to do our part, we are reducing the plastic waste we generate through the sale of flies.

How you might ask?

We are moving to easily recyclable and biodegradable cardboard boxes for your fly purchase. We would like to thank the American Fly Fishing Trade Association for their leadership in making these boxes available to fly shops across the country.

If cardboard isn’t your style or you want to take the reduce/reuse/recycle ethos to the next level, we encourage you to bring your old/used fly container to fill up with our flies. So, come on down to Trouts. Bring your old plastic container or use one of our new cardboard fly boxes. Trouts is #endorsedbymothernature.

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