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Trouts on the Platte | A Look at the NEW STORE

Ivan Orsic / Nov 3, 2020

As we put the finishing touches on our new store "Trouts on the Platte," we wanted to share some recent photos of the new space. We couldn't be prouder to call this new space home. While we all loved the old location at 6th & Marion, it's nice to have a little more elbow room, to be more accessible to all of our Front Range customers, and to have dedicated on-site parking.

We're located at 8th Avenue and I-25 on the banks of the Denver South Platte. It's no mistake that we're closer to you than ever before with shorter drive times no matter where you're coming from in the Denver Metro. If you haven't seen the new store, swing by to check it out. The new space proudly features over 3,000 sq/ft of dedicated retail space, expanded product offerings across the store, expanded fly tying inventory and selection, a dedicated education and seminar space, on-site parking, and ease of access to I-25 and 6th Avenue West.

Check out these recent photos and drop by when you have a chance! We look forward to showing you around!

A look at the exterior!
So much room for activities...and more fly fishing gear.
Come check out the expanded fly tying selection

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