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Trouts Proudly Welcomes Tanner Smith To the Team!

Ivan Orsic / Aug 30, 2016

There's no other way to sugar coat it.....Tanner Smith flat out catches A LOT of fish. With over 21K followers on Instagram, I know at least a few of you have taken note of this as well.

Tanner will be joining the Trouts Staff to help oversee our website, as well as contribute to our Blog and Social Media efforts. Needless to say, we're pumped.

But who is the man behind the instagram handle we all wish we would have thought of first? Read on to learn a little more about Tanner and be sure to say hi next time you're in the shop!

Trouts: Let's start this from the top- how did you get your start fly-fishing and what keeps you heading back to the river every chance you get?

TS: My Pops is to blame for my addiction to the sport. He had a fly rod in my hands probably before I could walk. Growing up there were two things that mattered above all else in our household, fly-fishing and Denver Broncos football. What keeps me going back? Geez, I could list a million reason. I think the biggest driving force for me are the special moments, success at a new spot, landing a big fish, drinking warm beer on the riverside, the reckless banter amongst fishing buddies, seeing my dog Gus wear himself out are a few of them.

Trouts: Describe your perfect day on the water?

TS: My perfect day on the water would have a warm July day when the rivers are beginning to clear from runoff. Wet wading, throwing big attractor dries and streamers to eager trout in high water.

Trouts: If you could only fish one fly in Colorado for the next 365 days, what would it be and why?

TS: I really want to say an orange stimulator, better known as a Frankie Floater. However they don't fish that well throughout the winter, trust me I've tried. Therefore I would have to say a Flashback Golden Hares Ear anywhere from a size 10-20. It's such a simple fly but, for some reason I have crazy confidence in it. There are days when I will fish 3 nymph rigs and I will run 3 different sized hates ears.

Trouts: Favorite place you've ever fished?

TS: This one is tough, I would have to say a little stream I was raised on by the name of Beaver Creek. About 2 miles down it turns into a pretty rugged canyon and fish will literally eat anything that touches the water. You'll never catch a fish bigger than 12 inches but, it holds a special place with me because it set the foundation. Also nowadays when I get back there it's usually with my brother and old man and those trips are tough to beat.

Trouts: Favorite river in Colorado?

TS: Another tough one but, I'd have to say the Arkansas. It's just such a diverse river with a ton of public access, from canyon plunge pools to meadow flats with backdrops that are insane. It's one of the best dry fly rivers I've fished, mix that in with its freestone tendencies makes it tough to beat. I also love the inconsistency of the river, if you fished it 5 days in a row the hot bug may be different daily.

Trouts: Destination to dream about?

TS: I daydream quite a bit about South America, chasing big trout in Patagonia is definitely my bucket list destination.

Trouts: What is the best piece of fishing advice you've ever been given?

TS: The best advice I've ever been given is to "Just Fish." The sport really is the constant overcoming of failure, losing big fish, not knowing the water so many different things can go wrong I just try to keep things simple. Spend as much time as I can on the water, try new bugs, keep a few beers in the pack because it's inevitable I'm going to need a break from tangles and struggles at times. So for me "Just Fish" allows me to keep a positive mind frame while I'm on the water.

Trouts: When not fishing, what are we most likely to find you doing?

TS: If I'm not fishing chances are I'll be catching a ball game or a concert. I'm also a big fan of keeping things laid back, grilling and losing to all my friends in Corn Hole.

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