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WATCH: Five Flies for February 2023 with Garrison Doctor

Ivan Orsic / Feb 8, 2023

It's FEBRUARY and that means we are officially in late winter. That means big spring midges are showing up, blue-winged olives are starting to get more active subsurface and days are noticeably longer. It's a great time to be in the Rocky Mountains.

In this month's episode, host Ivan Orsic and co-host Tanner Smith welcome RepYourWater's own Garrison Doctor (who also happens to be an Umpqua Signature Designer) into the studio to talk about flies, presentations, rigging, and the like for the month of February and beyond. In addition to Garrison, Owen Locke from Locke + Co. dropped by to craft some cocktails and talk about whiskey drinks.

As always, we answer a couple of commenter questions about rigging, bug choice, fishing techniques, and the like as we head into the final months of winter. If you have a question about March fishing - leave a comment down below on the YouTube video. If we pick yours, you'll WIN a Trouts Prize Pack - including prizes from Rising Fish and Umpqua!

For the month of February, the Five Flies are available at our Denver location and online.


Five Flies February 23
Five Flies February 23

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