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WATCH: Five Flies for the Rest of November

Ivan Orsic / Nov 10, 2017

Yeah, yeah, we know. It's November 10th and we're a little late on with this month's Five Flies. But as they say, better late than never!

We’re pleased to have Tanner Smith back with his Five Flies for the rest of November. November is a unique time to be on the water, with post-spawn browns eating streamers on our freestones and tailwaters falling into their technical winter fishing patterns. It's a beautiful time of year to be on the water, and an ideal opportunity to test your skills whether that be with 0x or 6x.

For this month's installment of our Five Flies, we’re thrilled to be featuring the all NEW Sage Foundation. The price tag of this rod will certainly get your attention, but once you experience its impressive performance you’ll be taking a double take to make sure you didn’t see a 6 instead of 3 in the price, so come on by the shop and check out this new offering from our friends at Sage.

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