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WATCH // A Look at the Simms Flyweight Pliers

Ivan Orsic / Aug 20, 2021

If you are one of those people who is always thinking about ways to shed weight when you are on the way to your favorite alpine lake. Look no further than the SIMMS Flyweight Collection. New from SIMMS, this collection is designed for anglers with bigger pursuits than their local tailwaters. The Flyweight Collection boasts unmatched modularity that allows anglers to make their fly fishing outfit truly theirs. From a proprietary blend of 5.11 HEXGRID to the athletic lightweight fit, these waders were designed to be the farthest from any roadway river.

In addition to the ultra-lightweight boots and waders, SIMMS decided to take it one step further with their Simms Flyweight Pliers. These pliers were designed with an anodized aluminum body with stainless steel jaws and cutters. In order to make those micro-adjustments a breeze. The plier's holster also has been designed to attach to the HEXGRID and PALS webbing (38mm) that comes equipped on the SIMMS flyweight wading belts and suspender straps. Take a look at these new pliers with Trouts own Ivan Orsic.


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