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Watch: What’s In My Bag?

Ivan Orsic / Aug 4, 2017

What's in My Bag? Earlier this year, we saw what Tanner and Chris carry around on every trip. People in the shop frequently ask what they need to carry on a day to day basis. As most anglers can attest, “What’s in your pack” varies per person. From the extremist who has everything you could ever need, down to the minimalist who carries just enough to survive a day on the water. If you and your fishing buddies are like us, each person plays a role in making sure everyone has what they need while on the water. We thought this series had come to an end, but it's back in video form. I definitely carry quite a bit with me on the water and like a koi fish, my stuff seems to grow to the size of the bag I'm putting it in. Check out our VH1 Pop Up Video Style!

Featured Gear:

Umpqua Steamboat Zero Sweep Sling Pack

Simms Bugstopper Gaiter

Rising Big Nippa

Rising Work Pliers

Rising Net

SIMMS Waypoint Jacket

Umpqua UPG Medium Fly Box

High N Dry Powdered Floatant & Dessicant

High N Dry Liquid Floatant

Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

Rio Powerflex Tippet

Rio 3 Pack of 7.5' Leaders

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