Knots can be intimidating. Look we have all been in those situations when the fish of a lifetime breaks you off, or better yet, you lose another fly in a battle with a tree. No matter the case, knowing your knots is important, and knowing when to use certain knots is of the utmost importance. That is why we are taking out the guesswork of what knot to use in just about any situation on the water.

From tying your fly to your tippet to connecting two pieces of tippet, there are a few knots you need to know. We know some of them can be frustrating to tie, but in this case, practice makes perfect. Here are some tutorials to help guide you. If you are looking for video demonstrations we put together an awesome video series with our very own Education Director, Courtney Despos. Click HERE to watch our video series.

The Albright Knot

The knot of many uses, The Albright knot is a fantastic knot when you need to combine two pieces of material of different sizes. This is a perfect knot when you need to combine your fly line with your leader and there is no perfection loops present.

The Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist knot is a fantastic knot when you need to use a double-lined leader for the purpose of making a loop-to-loop connection.

The Blood Knot

Arguably one of the most popular knots in fly fishing, The Blood knot is well known for its ability to combine two pieces of leader or tippet of similar size and diameter.

The Clinch Knot

The Clinch knot along with The Blood knot are some of the most popular when it comes to fly fishing. The Clinch knot is also known as The Salmon Knot and is typically used when securing your tippet to your fly through the eye of the hook.

The Nail Knot

If you ever find yourself needing to secure two different line diameters together the Nail knot is your best friend. The Nail knot is most commonly used when adjoining a fly line to a leader when no perfection loop or welded loop is present.

The Non-Slip Loop Knot

The Non-Slip Loop knot also known as the "Khre Loop" was made popular by one of the most famous fly anglers in the world, Lefty Kreh. This loop-to-fly connection gives more "action" to your flies and is an excellent knot option when fishing streamers or wet flies.

The Orvis Knot

Invented by Larry Becker, The Orvis knot is an excellent option when combining your tippet with the eye of the fly. This small knot is reliable and strong. This knot is also a variation of The Uni knot and Clinch Knot.

The Palomar Knot

Regarded as one of the most reliable and strongest knots in fishing, the Palomar knot is a fantastic and quick option when compared to knots such as The Clinch and Uni.

The Perfection Loop

Also known as The Anglers Loop, the Perfection Loop is the best way to create a loop end on your leader material if one is not present. When done correctly and connected with another perfection loop through the Loop to Loop Knot both lines will lie flat and not impede in casting.

The Slim Beauty Knot

Most well known by Tarpon fisherman, the Slim Beauty is an excellent knot to know when venturing out to the saltwater. Typically this knot is used when adjoining a large-diameter tippet to your fly line. Known for its ease and reliability, this knot is commonly used in place of a Bimini Twist.

The Surgeons Knot

Also known as The Surgeons Join, the Surgeons Knot is a fantastic alternative to The Blood knot when attaching your tippet to your leader. The term "Double Surgeons Knot" implies that there are two turns.

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