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Fishing Information

Blue River - below Green Mountain Reservoir

180 cfs
1 mph
33 °F
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Current River Flow Updates

Latest update: 11/25/2020 --

The Blue River below Green Mountain is around 152 CFS. The canyon is a great winter time fishery. Nymph rigs have been producing the most fish lately. Stonefly nymphs trailed by small baetis are working. Other general attractor nymphs like an egg or San Juan can work wonders down here too. #8-14 20 inchers, Pat's rubber legs, Epoxy biot stones, & Morrish's pick pocket are all great options for stonefly nymphs. #18-22 Gray/black RS2's, radiation baetis, BTS nymphs, and Barr Emergers are all working well for a mayfly nymph imitation. Don't leave streamers out of the equation either- you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you can swing up on an articulated pattern through this canyon!

Historical River Flow

River Information

This stretch of the Blue River, below Green Mountain River, offers limited public access and is largely privately owned. The first three miles below the dam can be quite productive, however somewhat difficult to fish depending on flows. Too high and wading becomes nearly impossible. Too low late in the summer, and the river can become overgrown with moss and seemingly unfishable. Fishing will be best between 150-300 CFS. The river sees abundant bug life and offers, for the most part, year-round fishing.

Seasonal Conditions

The Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir is fishable year round. Winter and early spring time will be primarily a nymphing game with fish focusing in on midges, baetis and egg patterns. Summer offers anglers the opportunity to match the hatch with the various caddis, mayflies, stoneflies, and terrestrials this canyon sees. Covering water with a dry/dropper combo would be a good bet. With fall comes a noticable refocus on midges and mayflies and the stoneflies and caddis begin to taper off. Streamers can produce throughout the majority of the year as well.

Additional River Information

Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir

COLORADO BASIN River Gauge View Detailed Information

  • Flow 180 cfs
  • Wind 1 mph
  • Temp 33 °F
  • High/Low 13/34

River access

Access here is very limited due to the majority of this 25-mile piece of water being private. However the first three miles below Green Mountain Reservoir are the most popular and public parking access exists just below the dam. Anglers should take caution when fishing here in adverse conditions or if you are not in good physical condition. There is a very steep incline that must be descended and ascended from the parking lot. This can be quite difficult/dangerous when covered in snow and ice.