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Eleven Mile Fly Fishing Report

Latest update 9/27/2016- As weather continues to be great this time of the year reports from the canyon continue to be similar to previous weeks. There are still a few tricos floating around in the morning and some BWOs making an appearance in the afternoons. If you catch one of these hatches you have a great chance at some amazing dry fly fishing. Nymphing the riffles and deep runs is going to be the most consistent fishing this time of the year. Heavy beadhead midges and small emergers are the name of the game. The upper section of the canyon tends to get fairly crowded but there is plenty of great fishing to be had throughout the lower stretches as well. If you are fishing the lower stretches and have a good amount of water to yourself try stripping some streamers. Black and Olive streamers should generate a bunch of follows, start big and size down until the follows turn into commits.

River Information

Eleven Mile Canyon is another very popular and productive spot to fish along the South Platte River. Approximately 2 hours from Denver, this tailwater section of river created from 11 Mile Reservoir, holds Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat trout. Fish numbers are very high in the first several miles below the dam and the river is abundant with aquatic bug life. This river sees some phenomal BWO, midge and PMD hatches providing exceptional dry fly fishing at times.  12"-18" fish would be considered average here, however fish much bigger than this are taken every year- especially within the first two miles of the dam. Given it's proximity to Denver, angling pressure can be quite high here, however the fish are typically still quite catchable. 

Match the Hatch

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Seasonal Conditions

With flows hovering just around 170cfs, 11-Mile Canyon should be fishing great for the foreseable future.  There should be consistant hatches of BWO's, Midges, Caddis and small Stones which will  have the fish feeding.  Attractor patters like Stimulators, Royal Wulffs and Humpy's will also work well, 
particularly as the fish begin to see bugs consistantly on the surface.  Nymphing will continue to be a productive method of fishing, primarily during midday when bug activity slows.  Mornings and evenings will offer the best dry fly fishing as air temps will be the coolest during this time of day.  
Riffles and faster moving water will be ideal spots to fish, especially when bugs are hatching.

River Access

11 Mile Canyon is best accessed via US Hwy 24 in Lake George. Once here, take Country Road 96. Stay to the right at the fork in the road. There is an entrance station which is manned during the day. A self service fee tube is also availble for after hours. The park is generally accessible year round.