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2020 GIFT GUIDE for Trout Fly Anglers

Ivan Orsic / Dec 14, 2020

Whether they're headed to the river next weekend or they're gearing up for a big trip next year, every fly angler needs something. Check out our 2020 Gear Guide for Trout Fly Anglers!

If you're the trout angler in question, consider sharing this with those inquisitive gift-givers who are in need of an idea or two.

G Loomis NRX+ Freshwater Fly Rod

We're huge fans of the NRX+ here at the shop. BIIIIGGGG FANS! Rolled with G. Loomis's most advanced compound taper construction to date, NRX+ provides the power, line speed, and loop stability expected from modern fast-action rods, without compromising “feel” and finesse in the short game.

Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders

For the angler that wants the best, the G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders. They are Simms most durable wader meticulously refined to offer features and functionality that meet the demands of the world's most discerning guides, and anglers.

Simms G4 Pro Wading Boot Vibram

Gotta match the boots with the waders and the G4 Pro Wading Boots are rugged and ready for the harshest conditions. Lightweight and responsive, the G4 Pros let your favorite angler negotiate varied river beds and the trails.

Rising Travel Net

The Rising Lunker Net is like their badass Lunker Net, except more badass. Made in Utah, the Travel Net has the ability to break down into 4 pieces for Travel and backpacking. The 24″ Handle breaks down into 10″ Stubby Lunker Handle + 14″ Net Extension. Tell us that's not the best thing since sliced bread.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout Taper

A go-to fly line for many of us around the shop the Amplitude Trout is an excellent line, especially for anglers who love dry fly fishing and light nymphing, which just so happens to be the go-to method of fishing around these parts this time of year.

Umpqua Wader Belt ZS2

Angling packs and bags are a strange world. Every angler has their own preferences and pet peeves. What does your favorite angler need? Some they can make their own. The Umpqua Wader Belt ZS2 is completely customizable. Beyond a wader belt, this belt provides back support and has a die-cut molle face that allows custom placement/attachment of a wide range of critical accessories. Let your favorite angler create their own custom waist pack with the following compatible accessories (sold separately).

Tandem Fly Co Dropper Rig Box

Storing dry-dropper rigs can be a little troublesome. If you've ever stepped foot in a flyfisher's vehicle, there's a solid chance you've tangled with a random dry-dropper rig. Enter the new, made in the USA, Tandem Fly Co Dropper Rig Box. With slit-foam storage for up to 8 dropper rigs and 276 flies, your favorite trout angler will be living right when dry dropper season arrives in 2021.

Nautilus X Series Fly Reel

A great fly reel protects tippet, stops big fish, and looks damn good. The Nautilus X Series checks all those boxes and looks damn good doing it. Your favorite angler would love see this under the ole tree.

Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

Their furred fishing friend needs some love too. Get them the gift of a hydrated fishing dog.

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Pouch

We all have that friend who can't stop dunking their phone and losing their valuables on fishing trips. Enter the Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Pouch. We love the Thunderhead line of packs and bags and the Submersible Pouch brings all the rugged features that we've come to know and love in the Thunderhead Series. The Pouch offers complete protection from the elements for their valuables.

Mountain River Fishpond Lanyard

If your favorite angler loves having things at the ready, the new Mountain River Fishpond Lanyard is the perfect gift. This lanyard features a Beavertail Fly Patch, Brown Trout Floatant Holder, Gunmental Swivel Retractor, and the Lichen Headgate Tippet Holder.

Trouts Gift Card

Unsure about what they have, need or want? A Trouts Gift Card is the perfect gift. Whether they're choosing for themselves or want to come in and consult with our in-store and online experts, we're here to help!

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