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GEAR GUIDE // Thirteen For Euro Nymphing

Ivan Orsic / Aug 19, 2021

It is 2021, and you can be interested, or be anything you want. It is a judgment-free place. In a roundabout way, what I am trying to say is that... it is okay to admit, you are Euro Curious. You may have heard this term floating around your local fly shop lately, or around a tailgate at the Tacoma-filled trailhead at Deckers - I think these things have surpassed Subarus at this point. Maybe one of your buddies tells you that he has been feeling a little angler fluid recently and looking to spice up his fishing life. Look, it happens. Even the fieriest relationships can get stale at times or dare I say it. A little boring.

All jokes aside, today we are wading out into the world of Euro Nymphing. Over the years this style of fishing has grown massively in popularity. Born out of the competition realm over in Europe, Euro nymphing is the more sophisticated (Read: Technical) version of Indicator fishing. In many ways, Euro Nymphing is the next evolution in a Nymph junkies career. On the surface, this style of fishing can look complicated and a little odd. And I can understand why, someone waist-deep out in a stream with a 10' rod, hunched over, making short quick casts, and looking like a statute with their arm stretched out. As I said previously, all of this can seem a little odd. However, this method of fishing is extremely effective, once learned correctly. For those of you who want to dive deep into the world of Euro Nymphing, we have collected twelve must-have items. For ease, we have broken up these products by category: Rod/Reel, Terminal Tackle, and Accessories. Let's get into it.

Rod and Reel


Euro Nymphing is a very specific type of fishing and, for this type of application you are going to need a very specific rod. Thankfully, the minds over at G. Loomis were able to design a rod that was created with the sole purpose of Euro Nymphing. There is something appealing about a tool designed and developed to do one specific task. The IMX-PRO E was designed to be extremely responsive while also maintaining a sensitive rod top for those close quarters casting moments that happen often when Euro Nymphing.

Sage ESN Reel

Euro Nymphing carries a lot of nuances. However, Sage was able to design a reel that answers to just about every nuance a Euro angler could ask for in a fly reel. Filled to the brim with euro specific design, the Sage ESN remains King in the growing Euro empire. The ESN Reel offers a unique balancing system that anglers to fine-tune their rod and reel balance no matter if they are fishing a Euro-specific rod or a standard-sized rod.

Terminal Tackle

Technical Euro Nymph Line

Ultra-lite and incredibly thin, this line is designed for the dedicated nymph angler. A unique feature of this line is that it comes attached with a leader, due to the extremely small diameter of the line there is no Perfection Loop for a loop-to-loop connection. The supple core and minimal stretch provide the ability for quicker hooksets and more connection to your nymphs.

Umpqua Phantom X Euro Nymph Leader

If you have noticed by now, Euro Nymphing is specific. Even down to the leader. The Phantom X Euro Leader is high quality and hand-tied by the professionals at Umpqua. Although specific to Euro Nymphing this line can handle just about any technique you throw at it. From jigged nymphs to heavyweight bombs, this leader can handle it all. If you are looking for a leader for your prospective euro setup make sure you have a pack of Phantom X

Umpqua Perform X Indicator Tippet

Ideal for all euro nymphing methods, the Perform X indicator Tippet should be any established or prospective Euro angler's go-to. Specifically designed with alternating Colors (Yellow/Red) every 24", this tippet is designed for the ability to see a strike without the need for traditional strike indicators.

Orvis Tippet Rings - 2MM

Make attaching your leader and tippet smoother with Orvis's Tippet Rings. No more complicated connector knots. These tippet rings were designed with a bare nickel finish for low visibility in the water. For the best experience, attach your leader while the tippet ring is still attached to the snap swivel.

Scientific Anglers Euro Nymph Kit

If you are the most Euro Curios but not wanting to buy a completely new setup, The SA Anglers, Euro Nymphing Kit is for you! With this kit, you are able to turn almost every single hand trout rod into a Euro Nymphing ready rig. Includes a 20′ floating Euro Nymph Tip (0.025″ dia), our Absolute Euro Nymph leader, and foam storage spool

Skafars Neon Wax

Skafars Neon Wax has proved themselves most helpful when the light conditions get tough and you have trouble seeing your leader or tippet and thus keeping your leader straight and tight. Seeing it clearly allows you to maximize your ability to stay in constant contact with your fly, it helps you keep your fly or flies in the fish zone which increases the chance of seeing or feeling the take.


Fishpond Tacky Daypack Fly Box - X2

The Daypack 2X is truly the minimalist's dream setup. Gone are the days when you were forced to decide between bringing enough flies to cover the hatch or traveling light. With Tacky’s original, patented silicone anchoring technology and bi-directional slits lining both sides of the box, up to 360 flies fit right in the pocket of your wet wading shorts. Isn’t compromise overrated? We think so.

Simms Freestone Chest Pack

When stealth is the objective, the Freestone Chest Pack has you covered. Designed to be worn in front of you while on the water, the Simms Freestone Chest Pack is made with 330D Nylon Ripstop fabric and a polyurethane backside coating that is lightweight yet durable. The pack also comes equipped with a zippered stash pocket on the back panel, large loop field on the face for fly drying and storage. The inside of the pack offers plenty of internal storage options include three stretch mesh pockets perfect for standard-sized fly boxes and a removable foam fly retainer panel.

Simms ExStream Jacket

Maximum warmth meets minimum weight. Simms' ExStream Jacket is a toasty, water-shedding layering pro that syncs perfectly under waders or on its own.

Tactical Fly Fishing

This book describes the tactics and techniques which Devin Olson has learned since he started competing for Fly Fishing Team USA in 2006.

Staff Picked Flies

At Trouts, we live and breathe the Colorado trout streams. With one of the largest fly selections in the west and guides on the water 365 days a year from the Front Range to the Roaring Fork Valley we can pick you the best flies, day to day, to fill your box

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