Gear Review:  Hatch Tempest Pliers

Feb 07, 2012


Hatch Tempest Pliers Gear Review

Trout's good friend Kirk Deeter (editor-at-large for Field & Stream, editor at Angling Trade, and regular contributor at just wrote up a great review of the Hatch Tempest Pliers.  We have always known Kirk to be a truthful and trusted source for information and advice, so we feel certain his review has little to do with all the free product Hatch is throwing his way having him test.

"I have fished the Hatch pliers in South America for dorado, throughout the tropics for bonefish, tuna, sharks, tarpon, and permit, as well as in the far north, places like Alaska for trout and salmon, and Lake Athabasca in Saskatchewan for trophy pike. They don’t leave my side, and they have not let me down.  Cold weather, hot weather… salt, whatever. Stripers, sure. Carp—of course."

read the rest of Kirks review at

Or, go ahead and get yourself a pair of these pliers


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