Steelhead on the Brain

Nov 01, 2012

Author: Tucker Ladd

It is a do-it-yourself trip. 

Photo: Scott Tarrant

Do-It-Yourself-Steelhead By the Numbers: Time to break out the calculators for some serious steelhead math.  We all know that steelheading is not about numbers, but today – since we’re not fishing - it is.

Photo: Scott Tarrant

Here it is: seven anglers fish for steelhead for three days - nine hours each day.  It is a do-it-yourself trip.  Fish counts are at 60% of the 10 year historical average.  On day four, three anglers fish for 2.5 hours.  A total of 13 steelhead are hooked.  What is the average “rod time” on the water required to hook a steelhead?  First winning answer posted here on the blog wins a signature Trout’s Fly Box.

Photo: Scott Tarrant

Get after it and win!


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