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The Tape Deck // A Weekly Playlist (Volume 11)

Brandon Rodriguez / Sep 18, 2021

Annnddd we are back folks. What a week here at the shop. Do you ever have one of those weeks that is just overall good? Because that is how I would describe this past week. Laughs were had, sports debates were had (I still think UT is still back), whiskey was drunk, and new cars were purchased. Do you all ever have one of those weeks? When you do, you kinda just wanna keep the good vibes rolling, and honestly, that is what I plan on doing this weekend. Who knows, I might end up having an overpriced brunch at a trendy spot around town on Saturday and then roll into afternoon college football. This week my interest is peaked by the Flordia v Alabama game (obviously) and the UT v Rice game. Then, depending on the events of Saturday night I might find myself near a river chasing some trout with a dry fly. How about y'all what are you getting into this weekend? Fishing? Football? Both? Whatever it is, give me a shout. In the meantime, let's revisit what happened this week at the shop, shall we?

If you are looking for a place to relax and kick back, talk fishing, or football then our Sunday Happy Hours are for you. This past Sunday we let y'all know that throughout the regular football season we will be hosting a Sunday Kick-Off Happy Hour. Every Sunday throughout the regular season, we will be offering a great place to hang out and enjoy a few (Free) beers by Denver Beer Co. On top of it all, we will be providing our Happy Hour Pricing ALL DAY LONG ($0.50 OFF EVERY FLY IN THE BUILDING AND 10% OFF TERMINAL TACKLE & FLY TYING MATERIALS). I honestly am not sure how a Sunday could get any better. So, if you find yourself heading back from the river early to catch the game or simply just having a weekend staying in, come swing by the shop and enjoy the day. We hope to see you here!

On Monday, we decided to talk about gear for the traveling angler. Here is a bit of a rundown I don’t think that I need to be the one to tell you this but, airline travel is BACK. Finally, destination anglers can rejoice. As someone who particularly enjoys the vibe of an airport and traveling by airplane in general, I couldn’t be more excited about this. As I mentioned over the weekend, I am not one to “plan ahead” as they say when it comes to airline travel. I enjoy the idea of just filling a backpack the night before with one or two shirts, one pair of pants or shorts (5in inseam obviously), a toothbrush, laptop, chargers, and a Trader Joe's Burrito just in case my flight gets delayed. No checked bags and no carry-on. While I may shout from the mountain tops that this is the only way you should travel, I know that at the end of the day there are people that cringe at this type of traveling style. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that perspective, it’s not for everyone. More so, I understand that there are folks out there that love packing every single item days before their trip and having every pair of socks accounted for, maybe when I am older I will understand. It should go without saying that there are products that will make whatever style of travel you choose a much more enjoyable experience. With more and more people traveling and destination trips starting to creep up on everyone’s radar, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go over some must-have items for the next time you head to the airport. On Monday, Ivan released another killer photo essay. This time he took to documenting his most recent trip to Florida. As Ivan puts it, "Fishing is literally the only thing that has me up at 5 AM...voluntarily. If I'm facing the prospect of fishing the saltwater, there's a fair chance the phone alarm isn't making it through the first BEEEEEEEEP. I'll always be a trout man through and through, but different is good and I like chasing fish that eat other fish.". Click HERE to check out his most recent photo essay.

On Tuesday we released our staple guide report. For this week's report, I decided to highlight Kaleb Orrock and his most recent trip to the Eagle River at Gypsum. According to Kaleb, he and his client had a fantastic day and apparently they were able to "keep the rod bent the entire day, fish were eating nymphs, dries, and streamers.". I mean I do not see how it could get any better for a guided trip? If you are interested in learning more about the specific flies used on The Eagle River at Gypsum, head over to this week's Featured Guide Report. I am not sure what drove me to want to write and talk so much about destination travel but I did. It's fun to daydream and think about the "what if's" regarding the salt flats. If you are a novice saltwater angler with a trip on the books or an angler with a few trips under your belt looking to learn a little bit more, then Tuesday's post is right up your alley. About two years ago, our very own Ivan Orsic hopped on a plane to go chase fish on the salt flats for the very first time. When he came back he came with a laundry list of lessons learned. On Tuesday we revised some of those lessons in our most recent Trouts Classics.

As Wednesday came around, I wanted to do a little deep dive into the specifics of vises. With the temperatures changing and winter looming in the distance the season of fly tying is upon us. When I ventured into the world of fly tying I very quickly realized that there was a lot to learn. From understanding hook size, the differences in marabou, and what the heck dubbing is, I realized that it was important to take a step back, take a breath, and start with the basics. In my opinion, the perfect place to start? Vises. The cornerstone of any fly tiers desk is a quality vise. And, just like anything else in the fly fishing world, there are different varieties, styles, and of course price points. As corny as it sounds when it comes to fly tying you are going to need to learn to walk before you can run and getting a proper vise is a perfect starting point. However, once you get going fly tying can be one of the most rewarding parts of the sport. If you have made it this far, you are probably interested in what fly tying vise is best for you and understanding them a bit better. If these questions have been floating around your head, you are in luck.

Thursday was a busy day here at the shop and in the midst of it all, we were able to give you guys two-piece of great content. In the morning we released a Frisco Forecast that came hot off the desk of our very own Zeke Hersh. Without giving too much away, here is a little snippet, "September and fall are upon us in the high country. Fall always comes so fast with our short summers in the mountains but I think many of us were looking forward to the cooldown that fall brings. This summer brought us some warm temperatures to some of our rivers and with these warm temperatures, some closures. We have moved past these in most areas with reservoirs starting to release cold water and cool long fall nights. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to enjoy Colorado’s rivers and fishing. The crowds have subsided and the fishing tends to respond to the lighter pressure. Cooler temperatures and the promise of colder temperatures to come, encourage the fish to fatten up for the winter.". There is a ton of information in this month's post and is well worth the read. If you are looking for specifics on where to fish, and what to fish this month's Frisco Forecast has it all. Earlier in the week in my post going over Gear For The Traveling Angler, I let y'all know that I would be doing a gear review on one of my favorite new packs, The Simms Flyweight Access Pack. And, on Thursday I did just that. The Simms Flyweight Access has been my go-to bag for the past couple of months and it has been perfect for pretty much everything I have thrown at it. It does not matter if I am coming into the office, chasing brookies, or flying out of DIA for a quick weekend getaway this bag is always over my shoulder ready with everything I need. If you are interested in reading my review and understanding the specs of this bag a little bit better, click HERE or swing by the shop to test it for yourself, I promise you won't be let down. Later in the day, we had our friends from Lock and Co join us for our weekly Happy Hours. If you have ever wanted to taste true Colorado Rye, now it is your opportunity. If you happen to miss out on this most recent in-store event with Locke & Co distillery have no fear. Locke & Co will be with us for one more happy hour during the month of September. Locke & Co will be in our shop pouring cocktails and teaching about rye whiskeys on September 23, 2021, so mark your calendars! In addition to Locke and Co being in the building, we will still be offering our Happy Hour pricing throughout the duration of the event ($0.50 off flies and 10% off terminal tackle and fly tying materials).

To close out the week, we finally released the first installment of a video series Ivan has been working on for a long time, our Reading Water. We're excited to launch a new SERIES on our YouTube Channel. In each episode of READING WATER, we will tag along with a skilled and experienced angler who will give us insight into how they approach a specific section of water from all angles - GEAR, RIGGING, FLY CHOICE, SEASONALITY, FLOWS, and the like.

For this episode of READING WATER, we joined Trouts Head Guide Scott Dickson as he jumps into one of his favorite late-summer favorites in Cheesman Canyon and catches a couple of trout. Scott explains his approach as he fishes through and picks apart this run. The concepts he explains are great approaches for a variety of water along the South Platte and many of our favorite tailwaters. Enjoy in HD.

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Well folks, that about does it for me this week here at Trouts, I am looking forward to next week where we will be talking about the new Orvis Black Out and the best practices for catch and release fishing. It is shaping up to be a great week next week so stay tuned! As I mentioned before, if you are enjoying these sorts of weekly recaps let me know over email. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or lingering ideas about what flies to bring on your next trip to the water, we have your covered. Come swing by the shop, have a beer on the back deck and enjoy our space. As always, get out. Gas up the truck, load up the fly boxes, and enjoy the weekend. Oh, and make sure to take The Tape Deck with you.

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